Welcome and Dear lord why have you clicked on this it isn't good yet lol

This is very much under construction I have never touched code in my life and have the media literacy of a rock

That said, I'm Adam and welcome to this mess, I intend to post cringe art and dumb thoughts, as is my perogative upon this endless internet

other info I suppose

Anyways have a horrible little landscape i did in like 5 mins cause I hate the look of blank text on a page

Also Have a list of games or media or other interests I have brainrot about rn!!

I'f you want me to never shut the fuck up again feel free to mention.... Minecraft, Poision Ivy(DC Comics and comics in general tho), Rebuild 2, Sims 4, THe Alien Franchise, Resident Evil (8 specifically but I read all the lore for everything else because context), textiles (crochet, weaving, sewing, lacework! all of it), Queer theory and history, Folklore, plants and botany! THis isn't like the full list cause I have some of the absolute worst ability to focus, but all of these are cool and fun and make my ADHD brain happy to ramble about for hours at a time lol

Links to other people's sites I find cool, or want to mention :b

Anyways heres the hit count lol

Ko-fi in case anyone wants to help feed the worms :b